Experience HU: the Sound of Soul

HU will put a fresh, new spirit into your life. You will begin to be a happier person, because It will show you what things are truly important for you and what are not.

Harold Klemp, The Awakening Soul, p.66

HU is a sacred sound and ancient mantra. It is a love song to God that can uplift people of any religion, culture, or walk of life. Singing HU can bring healing of body, mind, and spirit. It brings alignment with your true purpose and highest good. Sing HU to experience

  • Inner peace and calm
  • Divine love
  • Expanded awareness
  • Spiritual self-discovery and growth
  • Healing of the heart

At a Sound of Soul event you’ll have the opportunity to chant HU, engage in spiritual conversation, and enjoy community. Meet others of like heart who share a desire to explore their own connection with Divine Spirit.

We invite you to come along and experience the power and wonder of HU for yourself.

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Spiritual Experiences MeetUps

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Our Meetup groups provide a forum for open hearted discussions on a wide variety of spiritual topics. Connect online, meet in person – these hour long spiritual discussions are held monthly in a cafe or community room.

Eckankar offers spiritual discussions as a way for people to come and share their own experiences. If you prefer to come and listen, that’s okay too! In a relaxed and non-judgmental setting, you’ll have the opportunity to explore how divine spirit is working in your life. You’ll also be able to learn useful and inspiring spiritual tools that will help you understand and enhance your spiritual experiences.

Click the link below to find the MeetUp nearest you:

Auckland Hamilton Tauranga Kapiti Wellington Nelson Christchurch Dunedin Wanaka

Spiritual Experience Guidebook Classes

This free three week class offers past life, dream and Soul Travel techniques that will help you connect more deeply with your higher self and give you confidence to explore your inner worlds.

  • Come to share your stories and experiences
  • Learn useful and inspiring spiritual tools that will help you understand and enhance your spiritual experiences
  • Explore dreams, visions and divine love
  • Try a spiritual exercise to expand your awareness

This guidebook is designed to help you have real experiences with the divine love that is always available to you. It is a workbook where you create and record your experiences. The simple and straightforward exercises given in this guidebook can open you to a greater awareness of your life and its divine meaning.

Attendees receive a FREE Spiritual Experiences Guidebook and CD.

Learn more about the content of the Guidebook.

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ECK Light and Sound Service

 To see the Light and hear the Sound of God is to experience spiritual upliftment that pulls you into the worlds of knowing. Here you become aware, consciously, of the divine laws of Spirit and can use this knowledge to wend your way through life.

– Harold Klemp, “Touching the Face of God” p.35

The ECK Light and Sound Service is a community event offered by ECKANKAR for spiritual seekers of all faiths and religious backgrounds. It is an uplifting event where you can reflect on and connect with the divine aspect within yourself.

At the ECK Light and Sound Service you will hear inspiring spiritual stories, experience the HU Chant, and be able to speak with other like-hearted spiritual seekers. You do not need to be a member of ECKANKAR to attend or participate.

The ECK Light and Sound Service is followed by light refreshments and the opportunity to share informally. Regardless of your belief, background or religion, you are warmly invited to join us.

ECK Light and Sound Services are held regularly in:

Wanganui Christchurch