Community HU Songs

Sing HU to open your Heart

Throughout the ages, followers of many spiritual traditions have used prayer, the singing of holy words, and meditation to bring themselves closer to God. In the same way, those who have discovered HU, an ancient name for God, sing it for their spiritual upliftment.

Regardless of your beliefs or religion, you can sing HU to become happier and more secure in God’s love. Click here to listen to the Sound of HU.

A You Tube Story on How HU helped in a dangerous situation.

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Spiritual Experience Guidebook Classes

Your Guide to Understanding Spiritual Experiences

This free three week class will offer techniques to help you remember your dreams and connect more deeply with your higher self. It is an opportunity for people of any belief or background to gain more insight on spirituality, connect with like-minded people, and learn new and advanced ways for exploring their inner worlds.

Attendees receive a FREE Spiritual Experiences Guidebook and CD.

Learn more about the content of the Guidebook.

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ECK Light and Sound Service

 “What we want to do is contact the Voice of God, which is the Holy Spirit, the ECK. This Voice of God can be known through the Light and Sound that uplifts us so we can reach into the high states of spiritual consciousness. No longer bound by the hand of destiny, we then become spiritually free to mark our own course for this lifetime and into the worlds beyond.”

– Harold Klemp, “Touching the Face of God” p.123

The ECK Light and Sound Service is a community event offered by ECKANKAR for spiritual seekers of all faiths and religious backgrounds. It is an uplifting event where you can reflect on and connect with the divine aspect within yourself.

At the ECK Light and Sound Service you will hear inspiring spiritual stories, experience the HU Chant, and be able to speak with other like-hearted spiritual seekers. You do not need to be a member of ECKANKAR to attend or participate.

The ECK Light and Sound Service is followed by light refreshments and the opportunity to share informally. Regardless of your belief, background or religion, you are warmly invited to join us.

ECK Light and Sound Services are held regularly in:

Wanganui Christchurch