Spiritual Experiences Guidebook

Past Lives, Dreams, Soul Travel and more . . . by Harold Klemp

A FREE 32 page Guidebook where you will find keys to accelerate your pursuit of truth. You will discover the Spiritual Exercises of ECK as creative techniques to aid any seeker of God in the quest for enlightenment.

The personal insights you gain can enrich your daily life, help open your Spiritual Eye and reveal the love of God in your own heart.

The Guidebook addresses several important spiritual evolution techniques and principles you can use. Everyone has Spiritual Experiences, whether or not they follow a religion. This Guidebook helps you learn to recognize spiritual experiences in your life and to learn to have more frequent and varied spiritual experiences for yourself.

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Some of the section titles in the Guidebook are:

  • Have You Heard the Call of Soul?
  • The Spiritual Exercises of ECK
  • Connect with the Divine by Singing HU
  • Learn from Spiritual Masters
  • Have You Lived Before?
  • Dreams and our Spiritual Journey
  • Voyages into the Higher worlds by Soul Travel
  • The God Worlds of ECK

Some keywords for subjects in this booklet:

Prophetic Dreams      Past Life Memories

Deja Vu                    Out-of-Body Experiences

Inner Lights              Near Death Experiences

Intuition                   Direct Knowingness

Miracles                    Healing

Protection                 Flying Dreams

Inner Sounds            Spiritual Guides

Sense of connection with all life, newness, or loving presence.

Guidance from departed loved ones, angels, spiritual guide.

Daily living: giving and receiving divine love or giving service.

Relationships that uplift you, friends, family.